Dwelling Fire

Dwelling Fire refers to a basic fire policy designed to insure a dwelling, which is another word for shelter or structure that people may live in. A standard home insurance policy offers general coverage against an array of hazards. A Dwelling Fire policy offers narrower coverage. You may either purchase a “replacement cost” or an actual cash value policy for your dwelling. Homeowners can purchase a Replacement Cost or an actual cash value policy, pending on your unique needs—whether using the home as a residence or renting.

Taking the first step in making the best investment is first finding a home and getting qualified for a home. The right insurance will protect you for the life of your investment.

What can be covered with a Dwelling Fire policy?

  • Primary residences, seasonal and secondary homes
  • Older or lower-value homes
  • Homes with minor cosmetic conditions

Who may be best suited for this coverage?

  • Landlords who need to insure the building, but not the possessions inside it.
  • Owners of properties under construction or renovation.
  • Owners of properties not occupied full time, such as seasonal homes or second homes.
  • Owners of homes that don't have much cash value, such as inexpensive manufactured homes, mobile homes or old homes.

Why we're different

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers vary when it comes to structuring a policy tailored to you. When partnering with Rakestraw Insurance, we work with you to understand your needs to find the right coverage.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to your insurance needs.

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